William Paul is a contemporary abstract artist residing in the small artist town of Bakersville N.C. He creates abstract, contemporary line art primarily using Sakura Micron Ink and Acid Free Illustration boards or paper. Each piece is a single line which never intersects but meets at the end. These pieces are a reflection of the meditative process and most are created use magnification to create the intricate detail. William’s work was part of the “ Inspired By” Exhibit at the Coral Springs Museum of Art in Coral Springs, FL before his move to North Carolina. 

Artist Statement

There is a deep calmness for me to draw what often seems to be insane chaos.  Beginning at any point on the paper, an epic journey begins. Through every twist and turn, the path can wander seemingly endless. However, just as our life begins, when it ends, we will come to the beginning much wiser and greater to now have partaken in the grandeur of life. I enjoy exploring infinity and macro and micro universes. Every piece is spontaneously hand drawn. I enjoy working with organic shapes and/or using contrasting colors to create dimension and occasionally optical illusions. Whether one or two hours or hundreds of hours to draw – these pieces, to me represent a deep meditation. Just as in life; the end always brings us back to the beginning. The line never overlaps but is an intricate story which is both connected and independent. Enjoy the journey!