I have been doing pottery for about 27 years. I am from Morganton NC and that is where I first fell in love with clay. I studied under a wonderful potter named Scottie Fox and learned so much from her. I went on to get my Bachelors in Art with a concentration in ceramics from UNCA. I loved Asheville but being the vagabond I am, I traveled out west to Portland then back south for awhile before finally returning to my hometown. Along the way I always dabbled in pottery making and creating whenever I could. My favorite things to make were always functional pieces with a hint of femininity to them. Luminaries were always so beautiful and I found that flowers and light were two of my personal favorite things and that drew me into making ceramic luminary vases. Where the bottom part of the vase could act as a luminary and a false bottom in the middle allows for the piece to also function as a vase. But mostly I just love getting lost in the studio and creating whatever my heart desires!