I began designing jewelry in 2009, exclusively for myself because I couldn’t find what I wanted. That led to others asking where I got my earrings and my new career was born.

I’ve taken enough classes in order to not be dangerous with a torch, but I am primarily self-taught.

My personal mission statement, my why is To Create Connection and Joy. I feel meditative/prayerful when I am weaving, creating, and wire wrapping. I like to imagine that joyful energy remaining in place after the design belongs to another.

All the pieces are nickel free. Although I use mixed metals often, all ear wires are sterling silver. I love to work with both glass and semi-precious beads; they are equally as fun to wrap!

The guitar strings in my ‘string bling’ collection have already been played through a show (my source is my son who is a NC singer songwriter) and so aren’t perfect. You may see fret marks and some discoloration from where they’ve been played.

Each collection has a story on the back side of the packaging that give a bit of insight either to the collection or an aspect of my journey as a maker!