Originally a textile and then graphic designer by trade, 
​I discovered glass at a torch-working presentation. The glowing melting glass being formed in torch’s flame into colorful beads and incredible objects mesmerized me so much that I stood there frozen for hours. I knew I MUST try…
Glass didn’t disappoint me. It allowed me to form a spiritual connection with the objects I was making. 

When I met Johnny Ray Luster; an accomplished glass artist, he became my mentor and introduced me to fused glass techniques, and (as a head of Dichroic glass manufacturing) to the amazing world of shimmering, efflorescent dichroic glass.

​The technique of layering different colors of dichroic glass, melting them in the kiln (often through several firing) allows me to create a sort of holographic effect with intricate patterns and images that I like to combine with timeless rustic copper and other metals that I work into shape using cold forging techniques.This combination creates striking contrast between the glass and metal. My designs are greatly influenced by the surrounding nature, mountains, flora and fauna. 
As a woman, the love of jewelry is in my genes. Making one-of-a-kind jewelry takes me on a magical journey, and I hope, when you are wearing my jewelry you will be feeling the same magic.