Dorothy started playing with kiln fired glass several years ago. When commercial settings became too limiting, she learned how to set her unique glass pieces with traditional metal smithing techniques. Dot just graduated from the Professional Arts:Jewelry Program at the College of the Albemarle in Manteo, NC. She is a Metalsmith, fused glass artist, jewelry designer, grant writer and champion for handcrafted arts.

My current work is the result of a long time fascination with glass and an emerging love affair with metal. Glass can be colorful, clear, opaque and transparent. Special coatings can give it reflective qualities. When I put small pieces of glass together in the kiln, I am never certain of the end result. This element of surprise makes opening the kiln feel like Christmas morning … every time. The resulting pieces of fused glass are simply fascinating. 

Artist Statement

I believe that beautiful pieces of glass deserve interesting and unique settings. Metal is the perfect choice. It can be shaped, formed, joined and textured to capture each piece of glass. Silver produces a shine and reflection equal to glass. These two materials play off each other and are perfect companions. This collection is inspired by the fall colors, a time when the mountains showcase an array of reds, golds, pinks and browns. Silver wire forms the wind, rain, sun, moon and leaves that go with the fall season.