Burnsville Candle Company was started by Owner/Maker, Kem Muller as a way to bring her love of candle making to her friends and community in Burnsville, North Carolina, and to give the many people who come through Burnsville while vacationing and exploring the beautiful surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, a little piece of her charming town to take home with them.

In creating BCCo candles, Kem is very mindful of the sustainability and eco-friendliness of her product and everything that goes into it…and ON it. The Lids. Each and every lid, on each and every candle is handcrafted by Kem, and partner, Renowned Local Wood & Metal Artist, Mark Woodham of MW Studios in Burnsville. Together, they give pieces of locally sourced wood that would normally end up in the scrap pile, and ultimately one of their campfires a new purpose as a unique candle lid and a one-of-a-kind coaster in your home.