I created this line of rustic linen home goods as a tribute to my heritage.  My family were farmers in Lithuania and they raised sheep and grew flax.  Both of which they processed and created beautiful linen and wool textiles. I grew up in Colorado and my life was filled with tending to our animals and garden.  I’ve always been drawn to linen and when I came across this linen I had to do something with it.  It is a natural, heavy, rustic linen. Produced in mills that use a sustainable process with no chemicals. There are no fabric protective coatings on it. Even bits of flax can be seen in it.

I designed the line and made all the pieces simple without fancy stitching. After I make the piece, I wash it to remove lint and soften the fibers, then dry and press.  It is then ready to accept the stamped design.  Non toxic fabric paint is rolled onto a stamp and then pressed into the fibers of the piece.  Allowed to dry and then heat set in, the designs are permanent.  All are very iconic images inspired by my love of nature and animals. They include birds on a wire, a bee, a scallop shell, pair of pine cones, a jumping deer, a scotty dog, a fleur des lys, cow, pig and rooster. I do brown, blue and burgundy stamps.

The lavender pillows are made from the same linen.  Washed, dried and stamped in the same manner.  They are filled with flax seed and dried lavender buds.