Sweetgrass Artisan Mercantile was born from the context that “Sweetgrass” in indigenous cultures, when braided creates a woven symbol of protection, positivity, purification and while beautiful is also strong.  


We want to embody not only the inspirational aspect of art but also the connectivity of those who are creators, makers and innovators.  Our goal is to create a space that offers a menagerie  of artisan offerings, handcrafted items and original art but also provides a warm, welcoming place to gather, share and connect.  

About the gallery …


Built in 1901, the building has been a part of the town of Bakersville and history for decades. It was first used for storing seed, feed, and fertilizer. In the early 1920’s, it served as a silent movie house operated by J.B. Craigmiles, editor of the Mitchell County Banner; he also operated the player piano for the movies. During the 1930’s it housed a bowling alley and then later a furniture store in the 50’s, among other things and finally a fine arts gallery.  


We hope to continue the legacy and maintain the character of the building as well as provide a thriving connection to the many talented artists we represent in the arts community.  


About the Sweetgrass Owners …


Melissa Andersen 

MT. HAAKON is a modern folk artist in both style and medium. Embracing a deep love for our planet and all it’s inhabitants. A recent transplant from Florida, Melissa is an experimental artist and describes herself as a modern folk artist using whatever materials are available. Always looking for opportunities to use her gift for the greater good.  


Jessica Charapata

Jessica is a creative spirit with a passion for the arts and community.  Her primary background is in marketing, project management and event production.  She pursued a Fine Arts degree at Columbia College before switching gears and running her own business and also working in the marketing industry for several years.  Jessica moved to N.C. from Florida after falling in love with the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the quaint town of Bakersville.  Her husband is an artist and creativity is the center of her family life. 

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